Michael Daughtry Band

Artist Biography

Singer/songwriter Michael Daughtry had songwriting in his bones for as long as he can remember. He attended and graduated from Berklee College of Music in the late 90’s. He remained in Boston for a few years to play in bands and to open for those three blue guys at the Charles Playhouse. He plays acoustic sets throughout the region and beyond. In his band, he is joined by Timothy Wells on bass and Tom Miller on drums. The songs drive with syncopated rhythms that are both refreshing and familiar. Great songs should be shared and enjoyed for years to come. They sound even better live! Enjoy...

Notable Quotes

“I can say with confidence, that Michael Daughtry is a beast! Well, at least on the musical side. In truth, he is a humble, compassionate person with an intense love of music, and a sincere desire to share that love with others. I first met Michael, at an open mic at the Coffee Scene, a few year ago. His songwriting was comfortable, and he directed the play of his instrument to reflect his style, and his need. As a graduate of the Berklee School of Music, he has taken his talents not only to the stage, but to the classroom. As a teacher at the Dunn School of Music, I know he is sharing that love and commitment with his students.”
- Neil Ray, NightWalker

“Ow - Oww!!!”
- Louise Bendall - WCOM Licks and Lyrics

“The man, the myth, the legend!”
- Happy Hour Hangover
“Michael Daughtry is doing great work. He should be recognized for it.”
- Local Music Showcase-Fayetteville
“I won't lie - I really enjoy this music.”
- J Johnson - Fayetteville Feed
“These songs put a smile on your face.”
- Chuck Champion - WCOM Licks and Lyrics
“Great upbeat songs!!”
- Jon Aldrich (hit songwriter and jinglewriter)